Ichiran, Kyoto

Although Ichiran is a really big franchise where the lines out the door were filled with tourists, I’ve seen too many posts about it and I was intrigued (especially for the super hermit in me). This is one for the loners – the ones that just want to sit in peace and quiet with no human interaction from waiters and staff. You start with a vending machine to choose what you want. Then you get a slip of paper where you can customise your ramen from the strength of flavour to the texture of the noodles. The little interaction doesn’t stop there but there is a board of vacant seats where you can grab an empty seat.

ichiran ramen

You then get your own little private booth where your ramen appears like magic. Actually hands appear in front of your booth and then the curtain comes down leaving you in total privacy. So how was the ramen? Delicious! The soup had lovely richness with a spicy hit and a deep depth of pork flavour. Thin noodles were firm as requested that gave that chewiness; fatty slices of pork but the hero was the amazing flavorsome broth.  ichiran ramen


Delicious food where you can sit in silence and enjoy your food? Absolutely love this concept and would come back for more :)



Takoyakushi OKI Building 1F
598 Uraderacho Higashiiru Takoyakushidori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu

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