Tsuta – First Michelin Star Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo

An unassuming store in Sugamo is where you will find Tsuta – a 9 seater restaurant and the first ramen restaurant to get a Michelin star. It got it’s first star in December 2015 and the crowds exploded where now they have a ticket system to organise peeps. You pick up a ticket which states the time you should come back (a ¥1000 deposit is required but you’ll get this back) and then you come back at that time and line up for your bowl of ramen. We came during Golden Week (the worst week) so when we got there at 8:30am we got a ticket to come back at 3pm (they close at 4pm). We came back at 2:30pm but it was an hour wait before we got our ramen. This is an extremely fair system as instead of spending the whole day lining up, we just explored Tokyo and came back to line up later.

tsuta ramen shop michelin star

tsuta ramen shop michelin star

The weird thing about this ramen place is that it is super quiet in the restaurant. No talking and just straight down to business in slurping down the noodles. You order your noodles on a vending machine where the second button on the left top row (味玉醤油そば ¥950) is the most popular.

tsuta ramen shop michelin star

I need to put this out there but I’m a tonkotsu ramen type of girl so even though everything was done perfectly I did find it average just because of my preferences. The soup was flavourful and light with a strong fish/seafood taste. The wheat soba noodles was cooked perfectly with a slightly firm texture and you could tell that it’s handmade with the flecks of grains in it. Topped with a boiled egg that was slightly overdone (no gooey middlethat I love), slices of firm juicy bamboo and chashu which had a dollop of black truffle sauce. That truffle sauce was delicious and had a punchy mushroom taste but my sauce sank to the bottom of the soup after a while.

tsuta ramen shop michelin star

Soy Broth with boiled egg 味玉醤油そば (¥950)

This is a tasty soy broth ramen but my heart belongs to tonkotsu ramen. Would I recommend it? Probably not but if you love this type of ramen this would probably sit better with you.




Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Sugamo 1-14-1

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