Port Lincoln Hotel: Sarin’s

Being in Port Lincoln it would be blasphemy to not order seafood. It’s like going to a steakhouse and that one person orders chicken ._. Although Sarin’s is fine dining it offered the cheapest seafood platter that I had come across at $76 for 2. Even the mid-range places like Del Giorno’s sold seafood platters close to $100. Any hope of getting another main disappeared once the seafood platter was set down. Just look at the beast!

Sarin's Port Lincoln Hotel Seafood Platter

Sarin's Port Lincoln Hotel Seafood Platter

Port Lincoln Hotel Seafood Platter ($76 for two)

King prawns were fresh and juicy but mussels were a bit plain with not much sauce to go with them. Kilpatrick style oysters came with crispy bacon and a dollop of Kilpatrick sauce that didn’t overpower the salty creaminess of the oyster. Chewy octopus on a skewer had a slight charred flavour – as C put it “octopus is a not better version of squid”, I agree :P

Sarin's Port Lincoln Hotel Seafood Platter

Prawns grilled to a slight crispy outside with them all on a skewer – you just can’t beat fresh produce :) I can’t believe how good fresh squid tasted with it’s slightly tough but yielding texture. It was all lightly battered and fried where if it was a bit more fried it would have hit the spot completely.

Sarin's Port Lincoln Hotel Seafood Platter

How can a meal not end with dessert? The chocolate and espresso bavarois was simple but tasted damn good. The chocolate custard was like chocolate mousse with a dollop of freshly whipped cream on top. Pouring the coffee butterscotch sauce into the cup gave it a sweet coffee flavour with an underlying smooth butterscotch flavour.

Port Lincoln Hotel Sarin's Chocolate and Espresso Bavarois

Port Lincoln Hotel Sarin's Chocolate and Espresso Bavarois

Chocolate and Espresso Bavarois – rich chocolate custard served with shortbread biscuits and a shot of coffee butterscotch sauce ($16)

Oyster lovers this may be your calling. You can get a king oyster for $100 at Sarin’s where Port Lincoln Hotel is the only place that is supplied with them. It’s really huge – just look at the size of the shell below! It takes 6 years to grow compared to most other oysters taking around 1.5 years.

Sarin's King Oyster

Sarin’s was simple in flavours but done well – simple and fresh, that’s all there was to it where it let the fresh produce shine :)

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
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