Maison Saint-Honoré, Fremantle

For people that have been reading my blog you would have figured out I am extremely picky with macarons. After trying the god that is Pierre Herme I have probably become worse. Yes guys and girls, the bitch is back- even stronger than before. I actually haven’t eaten a macaron since I’ve come back from Japan – just like how I refuse to eat Japanese food. To be honest I wasn’t even planning on trying Maison Saint-Honoré but as I walked past that cute store – bugger it, let’s give this bad boy a spin. Maison Saint-Honoré Fremantle Markets


Tip-toeing into Maison Saint-Honoré I opted for my safety net and favourite flavour salted caramel. Lovely creamy caramel filling with that punch in the gut of salt which balanced out perfectly. The macaron shell itself was filled and a bit gooey but I wanted to jump for joy because it wasn’t hollow. Countless times had I wanted to throw a macaron on the ground in Adelaide because of it’s hollow shell and outrageous price – day light robbery I say!

Maison Saint-Honoré Salted Caramel Macaron


Another circle led me back to Maison Saint-Honoré and I decided to try out more of their flavours. Btw, I loved the salted caramel so much that I brought another one. The cookies and cream macaron was mild in flavour but for once in my life a cookies and cream flavour delivered on it’s promise. The crushed cookies could be tasted throughout the filling with a soft yet crunchy texture. The rose macaron itself had sweet tones which was a delight to this young lass.

Maison Saint-Honoré Cookies and Cream and Rose Macaron


Perth you do yourself proud with Maison Saint-Honoré – flavours worked together really well resulting in super tasty macarons. Reasonably priced at $2.20 makes an affordable treat for all :)

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A

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2 comments for “Maison Saint-Honoré, Fremantle

  1. July 25, 2013 at 9:41 am

    LOL at throwing macaron to the ground.. cos last weekend i was so enraged by the Mac factory macarons i threw the nutella one out the window of the car when my partner was driving LOL
    It was just bad =___= i think after trying to desperately find a place in Adelaide to satisfy my cravings ive become really bitchy about critiquing macarons IT FRUSTRATES ME HOW THIS SIMPLE CRAVING CANNOT BE SATISFIED

    I wish we had these sorts of places in Adelaide.. least gimme some hope i dont wanna have to fly across the globe for a macaron each time i have a craving!

    • I Only Eat Desserts
      July 26, 2013 at 12:15 pm

      LOLOLOL you poor thing, must have been really bad to make you lose ur cool. i’ve tried the nutella one before blehhh. I think the Mac Factory has actually gone worse – they taste so stale now :(
      I’ve given up all hope with Adel man, there’s seriously no good macarons around these hoods – cravings will never be satisfied arghhh ;____;

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