Red Door Bakery [Round 2], Goodwood

Wandering down from A Mother’s Milk to Red Door Bakery made for a lovely stroll (especially after spending 3 days in training with no sunshine). I love, no I absolutely adore Red Door Bakery’s creme brulee tart but sadly this visit left me a bit unsatisfied. Holes filled the hard caramelised sugared top and what was actually there was so thin it didn’t have that crisp brittle snap that I oh so love. The creme brulee tart was still tasty with the saving grace of the smooth vanilla custard and the flaky puff pastry tart but 1 of the major elements was missing which made it incomplete for me. I guess I might take a better look at the tops next time before I commit to buying.

Creme Brulee Tart Red Door BakeryCreme Brulee Tart – $4.50

L couldn’t continue on with her passionfruit meringue tart – never fear, I ate it for her. Looking quite the pig with 2 plates in front of me I quickly rearranged my finished creme brulee dish on L’s side. So much yum in the tangy passionfruit filling and sweet meringue, blowtorched on the outside made for a very slight charred taste. A small hint of passionfruit flavour in the marshmallow soft meringue could be found when eaten by itself – passionfruit love is everywhere in this tart!

Passionfruit Meringue TartPassionfruit Meringue Tart – $4.80

Red Door will always have a place in my belly heart (if such a heart exists) so I wouldn’t hesitate to come back – I might have just come on a slightly less than perfect creme brulee day.

Food: 3.5/5 – delicious tarts!
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: N/A – sat outside on a sunny day, couldn’t ask for more


Red Door Bakery


54a King William Road

Goodwood SA 5034

08 8272 2773

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