Muratti, Prospect

Muratti is the place where most people get their 21st cake. Without knowing I had sampled a lot of their cakes but upon joining the dots and realising this I began to have a stalk look at their site. Well this is a depressing story – it got to the point that I was able to know that people were eating at Muratti by just looking at pictures they posted up – I even spotted the cakes all the way in Harndorf at Farmgate Providore. I’ve put this off for a while but I finally made it down to Muratti’s!

The chocolate concorde had chocolate mousse at the bottom, layered with cream chantilly and then finished off with chocolate meringue cigarettes plugged in at the top. I loved the fresh crisp bite of the light meringue – definitely the highlight to this cake. The mousse was a bit rich for me but this might have been because I didn’t have breakfast or lunch yet.

Chocolate Concorde

Chocolate Concorde – Hazelnut dacquoise disk with dark couverture mousse, cream Chantilly & chocolate meringue cigarettes ($6.95)

21st Cake

My Cousin’s 21st Cake, So Pretty ._.

The vanilla bean cake had smooth white chocolate mousse, a thin strawberry puree layer, decorated with a swirl of white chocolate and strawberry. Lovely to look at and delicious to eat – I really enjoyed the tartness of strawberries cutting through the sweetness of it all.

Vanilla Bean Mousse Cake

Vanilla Bean – Hazelnut dacquoise with white couverture vanilla chocolate mousse & strawberry puree ($6.95)

Flat White Coffee

Pretty Flat White 

Delicate gorgeous cakes can be found at this lovely little place tucked away in Prospect – I wouldn’t hesitate to come back here to sample their full range :)

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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