Jean-Paul Hevin, Osaka

Jean-Paul Hevin has been regarded as one of the best chocolatier in the world and his were the very first macarons I had ever tasted. I took the chance to eat at his cafe in Osaka during my last days in Japan and discovered that this is literally THE chocolate lover’s heaven.

Jean Paul Hevin Osaka

The chocolat framboise had layers of chocolate gateau and chocolate mousse, glazed at the top with raspberry confiture. The bitter sweet chocolate really went well with the tart raspberries – I was very surprised how wonderfully the flavours complemented each other. The sour raspberry helped bring down the cake from being overpoweringly rich :)

Jean Paul Hevin Chocolat Framboise

Chocolat Framboise

Jean Paul Hevin Chocolat Framboise

Violette consisted of blackcurrant cream, bittersweet chocolate ganache, almond cake and crunchy feuilletine on the bottom. The Violette bounced between blackcurrant and smooth chocolate flavours. It is not hard to make a chocolate cake but to evoke different tones and flavours is – Jean Paul Hevin definitely hits the mark with this. 

Jean Paul Hevin Violette


These 2 cakes are probably the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever tasted. I was never a huge fan of chocolate cakes as they were sometimes too simple and kept screaming to me “I am chocolate cake, hear me roar rich chocolate.” However, Jean-Paul Hevin really pulls flavours together harmoniously to create something impressionable. If you ever see one of his shops floating around in the world I suggest you walk straight in and don’t look back.


3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shiOsaka

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