Manges La Tarte, Osaka

Manges La Tarte was a place I randomly stumbled upon when I got hungry shopping. I was expecting a basic food court but Japan does not do anything ordinary. Each store was a restaurant, walking from benches in an Italian setting to tatami mats in a Japanese restaurant. One of things that I love most about Japan is that they give 150% in everything they do and food is no exception.

Manges La Tarte Japanese Desserts Manges La Tarte Japanese Desserts

Manges La Tarte is a French dessert store, it literally felt like a slice of France was cut out and I was placed in it. I knew I had to go when I first saw the Tiffany blue from behind. The decor of the brick walls, shelves filled with little trinkets and the windows adored with postcards made such a lovely atmosphere.

Manges La Tarte Japanese Desserts Manges La Tarte Japanese Desserts Manges La Tarte Japanese Desserts

The white chocolate tart was decorated with a macaron (how could I possibly resist), strawberry and white chocolate shavings. It had white chocolate cream layered between a sponge cake, followed by the hard shortbread bottom.This cake is my favourite from here with its light fluffy texture and subtle creamy white chocolate flavour.

White Chocolate Tart

White Chocolate Tart

Strawberry mont blanc tart had a refreshingly sweet strawberry cream (you can see the seeds in the second picture ^_^ ) followed with a chocolate sponge. Pretty to look at and delicious to eat.Strawberry Mont Blanc Tart

Strawberry Mont Blanc Tart

Strawberry Mont Blanc Tart

I wanted to be a bit more adventurous so I decided to go for some super weird Asian favours – sesame and matcha tart. It actually tasted alright and wasn’t too strange, but for me it was a lot more savoury with hints of sweetness.  The tart had a sesame cream filling, matcha green tea cake, topped off with some apricots and a mochi. I forgot what that weird looking black thing was.

Sesame and Matcha Tart

Sesame and Matcha Tart

Manges La Tarte is such an adorable place with great tasting food, super hospitable Japanese service and a lovely ambience. To be honest I was getting bored of the cakes as after awhile they all seemed the same just with different flavours.


Can’t find their website but its in Yodobashi Camera, Umeda on the 8th Floor (food floor!!).

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  1. October 28, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    That mixed berry tart looks amazing too. And they draw a little cute bunny on the plate! Need to go here.

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