Dessert Story

Hooray for another Asian dessert place in little old Adelaide. I went here 1 week after they were opened, dragging my partner in crime L along ;) Loving the decor of the place, especially the red lanterns on the ceiling.

dessert story dessert story

The milk snow ice with crystal jelly and mango juice with popping pearls is absolutely perfect for summer. You may be asking wth is popping pearls? My thoughts exactly when I read it. The pearls contain a sweet liquor encased in a thin film so when you bite it, pop! The snow ice just melted in my mouth, oh so good. It was super fluffy and sweet, just imagine a gelato and a shaved ice having a baby – that’s just what you would get. Definitely a must try for super sweet tooth like myself :D

dessert story shaved ice

Milk Snow Ice with Crystal Jelly and Mango Juice with Popping Pearls ($10.90)

dessert story milk shaved ice


The snow ice is made from a penguin machine, how adorable looking is it?

penguin shaved  ice maker

Hmm when I first saw the sago dessert, I was very unimpressed by the presentation. It just looked like things thrown randomly on it, no way did it look like anything on the menu. The sago dessert was very bland and just tasted like coconut milk. Nothing spectacular – weak green tea flavoured ice cream, little mango syrup and a ton of coconut milk. I probably could make this myself at home.

Mango Pomelo Sago

Mango Pomelo Sago in Coconut Milk with Green Tea Ice-Cream ($7.90)

I’m very glad Dessert Story opened up – we need more Asian dessert places around! Especially since the alternative is Sugarbowl *shivers*. Probably not the most authentic and best tasting food around, but it is the number 1 Asian dessert place in Adelaide.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

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