Yenlinh, Croydon

Yenlinh is a small shop tucked away on Days Road near the Asian supermarket. This truly is a hidden suburban gem as I have not met anyone else that actually knows about this place, one of the most underrrated stores and it deserves much more praise especially since this is my favourite pho place in the whole of Adelaide :P

The pho at Yenlinh has the strongest soup base I’ve tasted, very flavoursome and so delicious. You can definitely taste the clear, full flavours of the beef and spices (star annise, cinnamon and cloves), they are amazing and work sooooooo well together – I cannot stress this enough!  You can add herbs, beansprouts and a squeeze of lemon to make it much tastier, but it really is up to you with and what you like. I just go for a squeeze of lemon :) Just a pre-warning for Caucasians who are not too adventurous, get the beef noodle pho, DO NOT get the combination as it is full of things I don’t think you are ready for. Normal pho just contains thinly sliced pieces of beef and beef balls while combination pho has things like tripe and tendon.

Yenlinh Combination Pho

Combination Pho

Bun bo Hue is another beef rice noodle soup but quite different to pho. The soup like pho is made by boiling the bones but it uses different spices – lemongrass and ginger. The pho soup is a lot more delicate, while bun bo hue varies from mildly spicy to OMFGBBQHOT. Usually Bun bo Hue is garnished with cha lua (Vietnamese steamed pork loaf), thinly sliced pieces of beef and some veggies – nothing too scary!

Yenlinh Bun bo Hue

Bun bo Hue

You can get takeaway from here, a really large serving for only $11. My philosophy with pho is that you only have one go to pho place. Once your go to pho place starts becoming sucky and starts to dilute their pho soup you move on and try to find your new pho place. I’ve been with Yenlinh for about 6 years now and I have it every Saturday afternoon for lunch (might I add, amazing for when you’re hungover).

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 2/5




131 Days Rd
Croydon Park SA

(08) 8340 2999

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